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Tinder tests new ‘Feed’ feature, providing real-time updates…

Sometimes, sending the first message on a dating app can be tough. In an effort to provide users with more information to pull from when crafting that first message, Tinder is testing a new feature called “Feed.”

Located within your Match List, Feed allows you to see what your matches are up to in real time. As you scroll through Feed, you are able to see recent Tinder photos uploaded to their profile, new top artists and anthems they’ve set, and Instagram posts.

Once you’re on the Feed, you can double tap on the Instagram post to send a message pertaining to the content. It will then start a separate message thread where you can continue the conversation. Other information will simply show up on the Feed so that you’re always up to date on what your matches are up to in terms of their profiles.

tinder tests new feed feature

While the feature is new for Tinder, it’s certainly not new to the dating app scene. Matchmaking app Hinge includes a similar concept to break the ice. Rather than live updates, users can find out more about potential matches through a series of questions and answers featured on their profile.

On Hinge, the questions are quirky — ranging from what your last meal would be to what makes you happy. You can select different prompts for your own profile through the ones offered on the app. When you’re on other people’s profiles, you can send a “like” by tapping on the heart icon next to any of the answers listed on their profile and have the option of adding a comment in response.

Essentially, both features attempt to make the experience of dating apps less serious and a bit more effortless. By having substance right in front of you, it’s more likely your conversations will be more interesting.

But with Tinder ,your activity is only limited to those you have matched with, so it isn’t completely out there for everyone on the app to see. You’re able to control what you share based on what you connect to your Tinder account. By going into your settings or edit your profile, you can manage exactly what your matches will see from you in the Feed.

Feed is currently being tested in New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. For now, there are no further details about rolling out the feature elsewhere.

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