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A San Francisco startup pays its employees to go to Burning …

Burning Man gives attendees a chance to escape their typical 9-to-5 gigs for a cashless, art-filled, dusty desert experience.

For some employees, however, showing up at Burning Man is just a part of the job.

The nine-day festival occurred this past August, and welcomed more than 70,000 people to Black Rock City, Nevada.

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Two attendees had their tickets paid for by their company, 15Five, a performance management software group in San Francisco. The startup recently launched a program that lets employees who’d never been to Burning Man attend for the first time… and on the company’s dime.

Shane Metcalf, cofounder and chief culture officer of 15Five, created the program because the festival had been life changing for him, and he wanted to offer the same experience to his work colleagues.

“My job as chief culture officer is to think about how to build high-preforming teams that are thriving,” Metcalf told Business Insider. “I thought there’s no greater experience I’d rather gift to our people than a ticket to Burning Man.”

Here’s what it looks like to have your company pay you to go to Burning Man:

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