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New Shutterstock Tool Helps Your Business Make a Creative Br…

The launch of Shutterstock’s Smart Brief addresses the growing visual demands of today’s digital ecosystem. But with more marketing channels available to businesses, creating the right content to represent your brand is critically important.

Smart Brief looks to simplify and expedite the process of developing your creative brief so creators can get started with your project right away. According to Shutterstock, Smart Brief will cut the time it takes to draft briefs by allowing collaboration with clients. So, clients can leverage the collaboration tools to get the branded content they want for their company.

The goal is to reduce the approval process time, which can be drawn out with traditional communication tools. In fact, this is what Sylvain Grande, SVP of Product & UX at Shutterstock, highlights in the press release.

Furthermore, Grande says the traditional creative process is labor-intensive, time-consuming and leaves a lot open to interpretation. But with direct communication and a platform which asks the right questions, this can be solved. Smart Brief uses innovative technology to automate and simplify this experience.