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6 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software & Solutions 20…

Real estate photo editing software gives agents the ability to correct the defects in and make improvements to property photos. Because agents prefer a mix of do-it-yourself and outsourced professional editing options, we opted to review dozens in both categories and chose the six best based on price, features, customer reviews, usability, and customer service.

6 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software & Solutions 2019

Real Estate Photo Editing Software/Solution

Best for

(Best overall) Agents seeking comprehensive photo editing software with special effects, templates, and touch-up

Brokers and agents who want powerful batch-editing photo software

Agents seeking an app for easy on-the-go editing and photo sharing

Realty professionals who want to pay per image for outsourced editing

Agents who need an outsourced real estate photo editing solution for 360-degree images

Agents who want to outsource photo editing to a design team for a monthly fee

How We Evaluated Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software

Most agents don’t have much time to edit photos for maximum impact, nor do they have much money to spend on photo editing. That’s why we evaluated the real estate photo editing options—both software and outsourced providers—to find the best based on price, features, customer reviews, ease of use, and customer service.

These are the five criteria we used to evaluate the best real estate photo editing solutions:

  • Price: The baseline for price is less than $10 per month for subscription-based services, $35 for single-license, one-time software downloads, or $5 per edit for professional outsourcing. These baselines were set to keep editing options affordable.
  • Features: Real estate editing software or professional editing solutions should include robust editing choices for everything from basic color correction to complex hue and saturation balancing. At a minimum, the options we reviewed needed tools/services that allow agents to complete both beginner and medium-to-advanced edits.
  • Customer reviews: As part of our review, we considered what actual users have said about each product and service, and their overall satisfaction was with the features and editing tools.
  • Ease of use: To understand a platform’s ease of use fully, we reviewed customer feedback and, when possible, used the software ourselves. For outsourced editing options, we considered how easy it was to interact with the editing professional.
  • Customer service: Most real estate editing software only offers customer service in the form of guides, articles, and email, so we considered these as our baseline for consideration. For outsourced photo editing solutions, customer service through phone, email, or chat is our baseline for inclusion.

PicMonkey is the best overall real estate photo editing solution because it gives agents the ability to edit images quickly and easily at an affordable price. Plus, PicMonkey online real estate editing software allows you to preview changes as you make them, so agents do not have to know complex terms like “blend and fade” to choose the right effects. They can apply an edit and see results in real-time.

PicMonkey: Best Real Estate Photo Editing Solution Overall

picmonkey logo

PicMonkey is our best overall real estate photo editing software for property images. With filters and photo touch-up tools, PicMonkey includes an easy-to-use online editor with comprehensive edit features starting at $7.99 per month. The tools and editing effects make PicMonkey right for nontech-savvy agents who want comprehensive, DIY photo editing software.

PicMonkey Pricing

PicMonkey starts at $7.99/month (one license) and includes basic filters and touch-up tools. The Pro Plan is $12.99/month (one license) and includes priority support and unlimited storage. The Team Plan is $33.99/month and includes three licenses. There is a seven-day free trial and a 25% discount for annual payments.

PicMonkey Features

The primary features of PicMonkey, like drag menu bars and filters, allow agents to edit their photos easily without any knowledge of complex editing terms. The easy touch-up tools provide agents the ability to fix a single spot or correct whole images at once. These features are simple to use and accessible through most browsers.

Photo Editing

PicMonkey photo editing software features several effects with accompanying sliders that allow users to apply a particular effect applied with their desired level of intensity. Instead of knowing complicated terms like hue or saturation, agents can drag to change the balance of colors, shadows, and tones with an instant preview to see how their edits affect the image. This allows agents to edit on-the-fly using what they like as a guideline for when to stop making changes.

PicMonkey logo

PicMonkey easy color correction (image via website)

Correction & Filter Tools

PicMonkey includes several preloaded effects that allow agents to apply preset filters to achieve professional results. Like Instagram filters, agents can filter easily with a single click to make their images fit their needs and aesthetic. Touch-up tools give agents easy access to spot removers and image correction with just a few clicks. Edited images are changed instantly, providing real-time previews.

PicMonkey logo

PicMonkey photo editing software (image via website)


PicMonkey is an online real estate photo editing software that can be accessed from most browsers. The advantage of this type of platform is that you can use it from any internet-connected computer, laptop, or tablet. PicMonkey does not have a robust app for photo editing, however. If you spend time in the field or on-the-go, then the PIXLR photo editing app is a better choice.

PicMonkey Customer Service

The primary way to get help from PicMonkey is to search for your topic in the help and support the database of online articles. You can also submit a trouble ticket with an attached screenshot of your issue to get specific questions answered. Priority email support is part of the Pro and Team plans. Users can expect responses within 24 hours.

What PicMonkey Is Missing

Because PicMonkey is an online real estate photo editor, the major drawback is the need to be connected to the internet to use it. If you spend time in the field, then PIXLR is a better choice because the app is designed to give you on-the-go editing. PicMonkey does have an app, but it is designed for social media posts—not photo editing.

What Users Think About PicMonkey

Users on g2 love using PicMonkey to create collages easily, fix images, and add filters to photos. Reviewers noted, however, that there can be a glitch that causes the software to freeze, but it is rare. Find out more about PicMonkey reviews and pricing.

Where to Find PicMonkey

PicMonkey is the best overall photo editing tool for agents—both because of its comprehensive offerings and ease of use. Find out more about the benefits of using PicMonkey for easy, affordable real estate photo editing by signing up for a PicMonkey seven-day free trial. You can also visit its website to learn more about the 25% discount for annual payments.

Visit PicMonkey

Photolemur: Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software for Batch Jobs

Photolemur logo

Photolemur is a real estate photo editing software created to help agents edit images easily by applying filters and using touch-up tools; the platform costs $35. The biggest benefit of Photolemur, however, is the batch editing of images. You can apply the same filter settings to blocks of pictures at one time. This downloadable real estate photo editing software is right for brokers and agents who have a large number of images to edit at one time.

Photolemur Pricing

Photolemur is the only downloadable real estate editing software on our list. Agents can buy a license and download the editing software for $35. Then, you can then edit an unlimited number of images without paying per job or month. There is a free trial download, but purchase is required to remove the watermark on images.

Photolemur Features

The features of Photolemur are largely focused on filters and preset correction tools. Agents are given a plethora of choices for preset editing options, which is a method for using the same editing process repeatedly with a single click. For more free-style editing and fewer presets, consider PicMonkey.

Photo Editing

Photolemur uncomplicates the photo editing process with one-click, preset filters. Users can select from filters that match their goals, including “mono” to change the dark and light in a photo and “spirited” to change the color saturation. These filters make overall image changes easy, but the agent can still tweak other parts of the image to achieve desired results. The photo editing tools are comparable to PicMonkey.

Additionally, you can batch-edit photos easily using Photolemur. Import the photos you want to edit, then select the option to export. The export screen that appears will ask you to select adjustments for all selected photos; choose the ones you want and complete the export. Your selected changes will be applied to all photos in the batch.

Photolemur photo editing software filters

Photolemur photo editing software filters (image via website)

Correction & Filter Tools

The correction tools for Photolemur are similar to the filters. The color correction includes choice like sky or foliage enhancement and color recovery to fix the most common issues. Agents can still tweak images to get their personalized desired result, however. The correction tools are slightly more limited than PicMonkey because you can use PicMonkey to click and drag a bar on an editing tool to get results instead of relying heavily on the preset filters.

Photolemur color correction tools

Photolemur color correction tools (image via website)


A standout difference in the Photolemur platform is that it is a one-time purchase downloaded directly to your laptop or desktop. This makes Photolemur a powerful choice for agents who need the power of a desktop/laptop to perform repetitive tasks like batch edits of photos without a monthly fee or per edit charge. The software does not have an app or online editing access. If those things are important, then PicMonkey or PIXLR are better choices.

Photolemur Customer Service

Photolemur customer service includes a searchable article database just like PicMonkey. However, Photolemur does not have email support. There is an online Facebook community and forum where users can ask questions. There is also a downloadable user’s guide and FAQs section to help with troubleshooting and usability questions.

What Photolemur Is Missing

The only way to use Photolemur is through the downloaded editor. Without a photo editing app, agents need to be on their desktop computers. This might slow down the editing process for agents on the go, but the ability to edit photos in batches could make up for the time. If you need a photo editing app, then PIXLR is a better choice.

What Users Think About Photolemur

Reviewers on Capterra felt that Photolemur was one of the easiest photo editing software solutions in the industry and required very little upfront learning. More experienced reviewers noted that the ease of use meant sacrificing some of the editing ability of more powerful graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Where to Find Photolemur

Photolemur is right for agents who want to easily edit large batches of photos with color correction and touch-up tools. Try the free trial download of Photolemur to test the features and see how easy it is to use before you buy it.

Visit Photolemur

PIXLR: Best App-based Real Estate Photo Editing Software

PIXLR logo

PIXLR is a free real estate photo editing website and app with filters, touch-up tools, and easy editing on-the-go. The PIXLR app turns any smart device—Android or iPhone, phone, or tablet—into a real estate photo editing platform, from which you can share images easily on social media and online platforms. The PIXLR app is ideal for agents who spend time out in the field and need to edit photos on the go.

PIXLR Pricing

The base version of PIXLR is free for all users. The web app includes advertisements to keep it free for users, however. There is an upgrade to the PIXLR Pro for $5 monthly to remove ads and get premium fonts, templates, and stock images.

PIXLR Features

PIXLR features most closely resemble actual high-end photo editing platforms like Photoshop without the complex layers and navigation menus. Users who are familiar with the power of Photoshop and want the same features without the overall complexity will love PIXLR. PicMonkey and Photolemur are simplified versions of PIXLR, offering easier interfaces with less use of technical editing terminology.

Photo Editing

The PIXLR app allows users to fix images on-the-fly quickly by adjusting colors, cropping, changing layouts, and applying filters with the goal of posting online or on a website. The crop features include preloaded sizes and layout designs that are specific for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These cropping and editing abilities are standouts for the photo editing software options on our list.

Pixlr photo editing software crop features

Pixlr photo editing software (image via website)

Correction & Filter Tools

The correction capability of PIXLR allows you fix spots on an image, repair blemishes, and remove unwanted parts of an image more easily than other real estate photo editing software, thanks to the background remover tool. Select the area to fix, and PIXLR will adjust to match surrounding pixels.

PIXLR photo editing tools cutout feature

PIXLR photo editing tools (image via website)


The free PIXLR photo editing software allows agents to optimize and correct their property pictures and headshots with the on-the-go app or via a browser. Comparatively, PicMonkey is more robust in features without an app, and Photolemur is desktop-only. So, if an app is not an important feature for you, then one of those other photo editing tools is a better choice.

PIXLR Customer Service

If users have a problem and need help, they can search through the support articles on PIXLR’s website for instructions or reach out through email. There are also FAQs to address commonly asked questions about the platform.

What PIXLR Is Missing

PIXLR is missing an ad-free environment for the free plan. Because PIXLR is free to download and use, the photo editing platform has to sell advertising to support the robust toolset. While subscribers can buy a subscription for a modest fee of $5 to remove the ads, most users stick to the free version.

What Users Think About PIXLR

The reviewers on g2 noted that PIXLR is the same as Photoshop with two main exceptions—it is free, and there is a robust app. People state that the photo editing quality is top-notch and easy to use. The biggest drawback noted by reviewers is that the ads for the free account can be distracting and get in the way of editing for a few seconds. Paying $5 per month for the upgrade gets rid of the ads, however.

Where to Find PIXLR

PIXLR is the best photo editing solution for on-the-go real estate agents needing an app. Learn more about PIXLR and download the free app to start editing your photos today on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop device.


Pixbie: Best Outsourced Per-image Real Estate Photo Editing Solution

Pixbie logo

Pixbie is a photo editing service providing image correction by the project. Additionally, Pixbie offers real estate image correction—like adding a dusky skyline or making the grass greener—by working with a Pixbie editing team. Given these features, this real estate photo editing solution is ideal for agents who only have a small number of images to edit and do not have time to do the edits themselves.

Pixbie Pricing

Agents buy credits on Pixbie for $1 each. Basic image edits, including tone, brightness, or contrast, cost three credits. Item removal costs 10 credits. Day-to-dusk service is priced at 30 credits. Floorplan editing costs 35 credits. New account registrations get 30 free credits to test Pixbie.

Pixbie Features

Pixbie is the outsourced professional photo editing solution for agents without the time to do their own edits, and who don’t have many images that need editing. The Pixbie pay-per-image editing platform allows agents to pick the service that want, like day-to-dusk edits, and submit images to an editing team. Pixbie does not assign you a designer who takes the time to learn your preferences, however. For this concierge-style service, consider PhotoUp.

Photo Editing

Pixbie photo editing services include day-to-dusk changes, adding green grass, adding fire to fireplaces, and removal of unwanted items like wires or plugs. These types of photo editing choices are common for other outsourced companies on our list, like BoxBrownie and PhotoUp. They are not available in PicMonkey, Photolemur, or PIXLR.

Pixbie pay-per-image photo editing example

Pixbie pay-per-image photo editing (image via website)

Correction Services

The Pixbie correction services include tone, brightness, and contrast adjustment. Pixbie offers image straightening, removing flash refractions in mirrors, and glare correction. These are the types of services real estate agents can get from PhotoUp and BoxBrownie as well, but these options are not available in PicMonkey, Photolemur, or PIXLR.


Pixbie is a photo editing solution with an easy submission process. The platform is limited to desktop or tablet submissions, however. A mobile submission option is not common for outsourced photo editing solutions, so it is in line with PhotoUp and BoxBrownie.

Pixbie Customer Service

Pixbie customer service is limited to website trouble tickets. The only way to contact customer service about a problem is to fill out a trouble ticket and wait for a response. There were not any guides or articles to guide the user. However, like PhotoUp and BoxBrownie, there is no setup. Once an agent is signed up on the website, they can upload images and fill out a form to explain their editing needs.

What Pixbie Is Missing

Pixbie is missing human contact. Other outsourced photo editing solutions like BoxBrownie and PhotoUp offer chat, phone, and email contact to interface with the agent. If having a human being to talk to about any issues or editing preferences is important to you, then you might try one of those choices instead of Pixbie.

What Users Think About Pixbie

Pixbie reviews were unavailable on user review sites or social media. The best way to determine if Pixbie is useful for real estate photo editing is to sign up for a new account. All new accounts get 30 free credits to test features and usability.

Where to Find Pixbie

Pixbie is an ideal solution for agents with a small number of photos to edit and little knowledge of photo editing. Find out more about the pay-per-image real estate photo editing features and claim your 30 free Pixbie credits.

Visit Pixbie

BoxBrownie: Best Outsourced Real Estate Photo Editing for 360-degree Images

BoxBrownie logo

BoxBrownie is a real estate photo editing service that corrects 360-degree images issues like bad lighting, clutter, and color for $4 per image. BoxBrownie is unique on our list because they edit 360-degree images used in virtual walk-throughs. Given this specialty, BoxBrownie is ideal for agents that use 360-degree images and virtual tours to attract buyers.

BoxBrownie Pricing

BoxBrownie offers a variety of real estate photo editing services ranging from regular image enhancement for $1.60 to 360-degree image retouching for $4 per picture. Agents who sign up for a free account on the website gets three free image enhancements and one day-to-dusk change to test BoxBrownie services and edit quality.

BoxBrownie Features

BoxBrownie is included specifically for its 360-degree image editing services. BoxBrownie outsourced photo editing of 360-degree images can save agents money with edits completed in less than 12 hours for $4 per image.

Photo Editing

Outsourced photo editing for BoxBrownie 360-degree images includes adding a fire in the fireplace, TV screen replacement, outdoor sky additions through a window, and lawn and pool enhancement. These photo edits are designed to give someone a realistic understanding of what it would be like to walk through the house. All of the editing options for PhotoUp and Pixbie are also available in BoxBrownie for 360-degree images.

BoxBrownie 360-degree photo editing example

BoxBrownie 360-degree photo editing (image via website)

Correction Services

BoxBrownie 360-degree image correction includes white balancing as well as brightness and contrast balancing. In addition, BoxBrownie can remove dust specifications, realign the horizontal placement of the image, and remove flash reflections. Two features specific to BoxBrownie 360-degree image edits are tripod removals and lens distortion correction. These two options are unique to BoxBrownie for agents with 360-degree images.


BoxBrownie—like Pixbie and PhotoUp—allows agents to submit 360-degree images photos for editing through its website. Once photos are edited, agents need to sign into the website to check photo results and request revisions. This is common for outsourced photo editing solutions.

BoxBrownie Customer Service

With 24/7 customer service available through phone, email, and chat, BoxBrownie is a standout on our list. If this kind of support is important to you, then BoxBrownie is a great choice. BoxBrownie has the best customer service policy of any real estate photo editing company on our list.

What BoxBrownie Is Missing

BoxBrownie is missing a bulk price for photo editing. Unlike PhotoUp, BoxBrownie charges per image without thought to a discount for bulk images. If you have non-360-degree bulk images you want to edit, then Photolemur is a better choice. If you want to get a membership discount for batches of non-360-degree images, then PhotoUp is a better choice.

What Users Think About BoxBrownie

Testimonials on their website reported that BoxBrownie photo editing services are easy to use with great results. The reviewers noted that the services were fast and exceeded expectations. Learn more about BoxBrownie pricing and reviews.

Where to Find BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie allows real estate agents to get professionally edited 360-degree images for its virtual tours and walk-throughs. Find out more about the ways that BoxBrownie handles 360-degree image editing and sign up for your three free 360-degree image edits today.

Visit BoxBrownie

PhotoUp: Best Outsourced Photo Editing Solution for a Monthly Fee

PhotoUp logo

PhotoUp is a real estate photo editing option that allows agents to outsource touch-ups to a design team for a monthly fee starting at $99. The process for editing is also very easy; each agent fills out a profile, completes an interview, and receives a design team. PhotoUp is ideal for agents/brokers with lots of photos to edit and expect to need editing services on an ongoing basis.

PhotoUp Pricing

PhotoUp pricing starts at $99 per month for 99 credits for individual agents and increases to $4,799 per month for 4,800 credits for large brokerage teams. The standard price for basic edits—like brightness, color correction, and adding fire in the fireplace—is $1/1 credit per image.

PhotoUp Features

One of PhotoUp’s standout features is the ability for users to interview designers to learn about their editing preferences. Once these preferences are established, a team of four editors is assigned to each user to be their go-to team for all edits.

Photo Editing

The photo editing services of PhotoUp are essentially the same as BoxBrownie and Pixbie, only with a team of editors accessible through chat, email, or website. For edits, PhotoUp offers fireplace fire and TV screen picture additions, view replacement for windows, and pool and lawn enhancement along with day-to-dusk editing.

Correction Services

Correction services for PhotoUp include white and color balancing, horizontal straightening, contrast fixes, and flash removal. Like BoxBrownie and Pixbie, PhotoUp removes dust spots, corrects shadows, and lightens darkness. Users can tell the PhotoUp team what they want the outcome to be for each image, or they can use preferences on file to create the right effect.

PhotoUp professional real estate editing example showing before and after

PhotoUp professional real estate editing (image via website)


Although the PhotoUp platform is like the other two outsourced photo editing solutions on our list, there is direct human contact integrated into the PhotoUp platform. PhotoUp users are assigned a team of image editors accessible through email, chat, or website. Users need to submit photos through the website for editing, though there is a representative assigned to help.

PhotoUp Customer Service

PhotoUp customer service is the most hands-on of all of the photo editing solutions. There is an interview in the beginning to set your preferences, and then you are assigned a team to talk to about your projects via email, phone, and chat during business hours.

What PhotoUp Is Missing

PhotoUp is missing a free trial or credits to test their services. Other real estate photo editing services like BoxBrownie and Pixbie offer new accounts credits to test their features. Since PhotoUp matches users with a team of editors based on their preferences, there is no free trial.

What Users Think About PhotoUp

The reviews for PhotoUp on Facebook date back to 2017, but all of the reviewers noted the fast service and consistent quality of editing. Additionally, reviewers said that PhotoUp was their go-to editing service and that it helped their business.

Where to Find PhotoUp

PhotoUp is the best-outsourced editing solution for agents who want to pay a monthly fee for regular editing needs. Check out PhotoUp online to find out more about their services.

Visit PhotoUp

Bottom Line: Real Estate Photo Editing Software & Solutions

Real estate photo editing software and outsourced solutions are designed to correct property and headshot photos to attract more leads. While finding the right one can be a challenge, we have narrowed down the top ones to the six best based on price, editing and correction features, ease of use, and customer service.

Based on our criteria, we found PicMonkey to be the best overall photo editing solution. It offers an intuitive, online editor that allows users to drag a slider to make corrections and see an instant preview of results. Plus, the editing features, touch-up options, and filters are second-to-none. Get a free seven-day PicMonkey trial to check out the features and tools for yourself.

Visit PicMonkey

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