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6 Best Call Recording Apps 2019…

Call recording apps capture conversations held on your smartphone and store them. They are helpful to salespeople for both reference and evaluation purposes. We looked at 20 of the best call recording apps on the market and evaluated them based on price, features, and customer support, narrowing it down to the best overall pick.

Top 6 Best Call Recording Apps 2019

Call Recorder App

Best for

(Best overall) Business users that want useful mobile voice recordings and human-written transcriptions

Teams that want to record mobile calls via a free virtual phone service

iOS users who want high-quality recordings of phone calls

Android users who need a service that automatically records all calls

Android users who want visualized reports on call activity

iOS users who want computer-automated transcripts of their recordings

How We Evaluated Call Recorder Apps

Call recorder apps need to be able to record audio from phone calls, store them, and allow business users to listen to those calls on demand. In the majority of cases, they also provide features for sharing these calls with other team members. These apps should also work well with voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) business phone system features such as calling and voicemail. Advanced features include transcription options and integrations with mainstream cloud storage service.

We evaluated call recording apps :

  • Pricing: Services should be affordable enough for small business owners to afford.
  • Ease of use: We examined how easy each system was to set up and use.
  • Audio quality and reliability: Recordings should have good audio quality and should work reliably.
  • Hardware compatibility: Many call recording services are only available on iOS or Android devices.
  • Cloud storage: We looked at the cloud storage space offered by each solution.
  • Transcription functionality: Being able to order transcripts from within a call recording app can be beneficial to users.
  • Software integrations: Many apps offer the ability to connect data with cloud storage services such as Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Customer support: Apps should offer adequate customer support channels to help users in the event of a problem.
  • Security: Encryption, passwords, and other security measures can help keep the content of recordings safe from malicious actors.

Based on the above criteria, we find that Rev is the best call recording app for most small businesses. The app is free, offers exceptional recording quality, and comes with the ability to order human-written transcripts from within the app. It is also available on both iOS and Android devices, so nearly any business user can use it.

Rev: Best Call Recording App for Small Businesses

Rev's mobile app

Rev’s mobile app

Rev is a free call recording app available for both iOS and Android handsets. The service comes with the ability to record all of your incoming and outgoing calls from within the app. What makes Rev stand apart from the competition is the fact that you can order human-written transcripts of your calls from the company’s fast, reliable network of writers. Rev is a fantastic option for virtually any business user that wants to record and share transcribed calls.

Rev Pricing

Rev’s call recording app is completely free to use. Transcriptions for recordings start at $1 per minute. The fact that the app is free and offers such usability and exceptional call quality makes it one of the best services available today.

Rev Features

Using Rev is a very straightforward process. You can record incoming and outgoing calls from within the app. Once you have a recording, you can play it back, trim it, or share it over email, Slack, text message, and other mediums. You can also order transcripts with a guaranteed 12-hour turnaround time and 99% accuracy rate.

Call Recording Functionality

Recording a call with Rev is easy. In the app’s main screen, all you need to do is tap “Start Recorded Call,” select whether you want to record an incoming out outgoing call and follow the step-by-step instructions on the app to start recording. After that, you can hit the “merge calls” button on your smartphone’s dialpad. Once your call is over, you will see your recording on Rev’s list of call recordings. This is one of the more intuitive services we’ve seen to date.

Sharing Features

You can share your recordings over a wide range of channels. Rev offers the ability to send .mp3 files of recordings over email, text, or a cloud storage service like Google Drive. You can even paste recordings into a Slack conversation, which is helpful for teams who use that service. Rev has one of the easiest sharing capabilities we’ve seen in a system of this kind.

Storage Options

All Rev recordings are sent to your phone’s local storage. At this time, there is no way to send all recordings to a storage solution like Dropbox automatically. You can send recordings to cloud services if those apps are installed on your device, but the process of uploading recordings and deleting them from local storage every single time can be tedious.

Additional Features

Rev offers more than just an effective call recording app. It also has one of the best transcription services available. From the app, you have the option of having any recording transcripted starting at $1 per minute. Transcripts are done by a human and have a guaranteed 12-hour turnaround time. The fact that you can do this from within the application makes Rev a great choice for workers who want text records of all of their important calls.

What Rev is Missing

Rev is an extremely useful call recording app. However, it is only designed to record incoming and outgoing call traffic. If you are looking for a call recording service that is also a complete, basic virtual phone solution, we recommend looking at Google Voice instead. Google Voice is a free service that, on top of recording calls, also provides a unique local phone number that can be used as a separate business line.

What Users Think About Rev

Customers love Rev’s usability and call quality. The app is especially popular with workers in legal fields who need fast, accurate transcripts of essential phone calls. However, there are some complaints online about the application crashing sometimes.

Where to Find Rev

Rev is free, easy to use, and effective on both iOS and Android platforms. Not only that, but it offers the ability to order high-quality transcripts with fast turnaround time right from within the app. Click the button below to get started with Rev today.

Visit Rev

Google Voice: Best Virtual Phone With Call Recording

Google Voice mobile app

Google Voice mobile app

Google Voice is a basic call management system that provides recording for calls as well as a local telephone number. It also provides unlimited calling to most of the United States and Canada, texting, and voicemail. Although not as powerful as the best business phone systems on the market, Google Voice serves as a call recording app, which makes this ideal for solo workers and freelancers looking for a free business line with call recording functionality.

Google Voice Pricing

Google Voice is a free solution that offers users a free local phone number. The service provides free calling and texting to most of the U.S. and Canada. Calls to select North American numbers and other countries start at 1 cent per minute.

Google Voice Features

Google Voice offers the ability to record all incoming call traffic. This is impressive as competing systems like Grasshopper cost money and do not offer call recording. On top of tracking functionality, Google Voice can even transcribe recordings for you automatically. You can also download recordings on the Google Voice desktop apps for sharing purposes.

Call Recording Functionality

Google Voice lets you record any current call that you are on while using the service. If you allow the option in your settings menu, you can press “4” on your dialpad at any time during a call to record it. When the call is finished, the recording will be sent to the voicemail tab on your app. This is one of the simplest processes we’ve ever seen in a call recording app.

Sharing Features

To share your recordings from Google Voice, you will have to sign into the app on a desktop computer. From there, you can download recordings found in the voicemail menu. You will then have a .mp3 file of the recording that you can send wherever the file type is supported. Unfortunately, there is no sharing capability in the mobile app, as it can take unnecessary time to open up a computer, sign into the service, and download the recording.

Storage Options

All Google Voice recordings are saved in the cloud. This means that you can sign into another device easily and see your recordings, text messages, and call history just like you would on your original device. Cloud storage is also beneficial because it saves storage space on your smartphone. It beats Rev in this regard, which saves recordings to a device’s local storage.

Additional Features

In addition to call recording, Google Voice offers a complete, if basic, virtual phone service. Every account comes with a free local telephone number that can be used as a dedicated business line for your organization. It also comes with texting features and voicemail that is transcripted automatically. No other service we evaluated offers such functionality.

What Google Voice Is Missing

The fact that Google Voice is free makes it easy to overlook its limited sharing functionality. However, using a desktop computer every time a recording needs to be shared is not viable for workers who record often. If sharing calls easily and quickly is important to you, then NoNotes or a more robust business phone system would be a better fit. The service lets you share recordings over email, social media, and other channels within seconds.

What Users Think About Google Voice

Users are generally satisfied with Google Voice. They find the service easy to use and effective for recording and sharing calls. However, there are some complaints about the quality of the recording transcriptions. For more reviews, check out our Google Voice user reviews page.

Where to Find Google Voice

Google Voice is not only a free call recording service. It’s also a standalone business phone system that can be used as a dedicated phone line for your business. All you need to use the system is a free Google account. Click the button below to get started.

Visit Google Voice

NoNotes: Highest-quality Call Recording App for iOS

NoNotes mobile app

NoNotes mobile app

NoNotes, which offers a free version with a paid edition starting at $8 per year, is a call recording app for iPhones. You can even order transcripts of recordings from within the app with a three-day turnaround time. Sharing call is also easy, but what sets NoNotes apart is that it offers exceptional call quality over its competitors. This makes it ideal for users who need to make sure they capture every word of important conversations.

NoNotes Pricing

NoNotes offers a free version and a paid version. The free version limits recordings to 20 minutes. The paid version costs $8 per month if you pay for the whole year in advance. This makes it one of the more moderately priced options available.

NoNotes Features

NoNotes has many of the same features as its competitors. You can record incoming and outgoing calls on your iOS device, play back those calls in the app, and share them with colleagues. However, NoNotes offers noticeably better audio quality of recordings than other services, which can make it worth the price for discerning customers.

Call Recording Functionality

You can start a recording in NoNotes by initiating it within the app. You will then be connected to one of NoNotes phone numbers, which will record the call. All you need to do is add people to the call and merge them with the recording line with your phone’s dialpad. This works in a very similar fashion to competing services.

Sharing Features

NoNotes makes it fairly easy to share recordings with other team members. Once a call is complete, you can see it on your recordings list and tap the option labeled “Email Audio Link.” You can also sign into your account on the NoNotes website and download an .mp3 of the recording. It does not offer the convenient in-app sharing features of systems like Rev.

Storage Options

All NoNotes recordings are stored in the cloud, which means you can retrieve them from any computer easily. All you need to do is sign into your NoNotes account. This makes it better than Rev in this respect, as the local storage function of that service means it is harder to access recordings when away from your phone.

Additional Features

As a paid app, it is easy to overlook NoNotes since services like Rev and Google Voice offer recording for free. However, the audio quality of recordings using NoNotes was noticeably better during my testing. You can also order transcriptions from within NoNotes at a rate of 75 cents per minute. However, the turnaround time of transcripts is three days, which is much slower than Rev’s promised 12-hour turnaround.

What NoNotes Is Missing

NoNotes is a solid recording service with good recording quality. However, it is only available on iOS devices. Therefore, if you use an Android phone, the solution is of no use. If you want a quality recorder app available on the Google Play store, we suggest at Automatic Call Recorder. As its name implies, it can record all of your call traffic automatically, so you do not have to set up recordings manually.

What Users Think About NoNotes

Users love the clear recordings offered by NoNotes. One user on the iOS App Store even went so far as to call the recordings “brilliant.” They also like the ability to download conversations as .mp3 files. With that in mind, there are some reports that the app fails to record calls on rare occasions.

Where to Find NoNotes

If you are an iOS user and you want to ensure that you capture every word of a conversation, then NoNotes is worth looking into. The service is effective, intuitive, and comes at a price point that most small businesses can afford. Click the button below to learn more.

Visit NoNotes

Automatic Call Recorder's mobile app

Automatic Call Recorder’s mobile app

Automatic Call Recorder is a call recording app available for Android devices. The service, which offers free and a paid edition for $6.99 per month, is unique in the sense that it can be configured to record all calls on your device automatically. This makes it ideal for workers who make important calls constantly and do not want to go through the process of setting up a recording every call.

Automatic Call Recorder Pricing

Automatic Call Recorder offers two different versions. There is a free version of the software available, but it is supported by ads that you must see every time you interact with the app. The Pro version removes ads for $6.99 per month.

Automatic Call Recorder Features

What makes Automatic Call Recorder stand out from competing systems is that you can configure it to record every conversation on your Android phone without intervening. This makes it very convenient for users who only use the phone for important calls and find themselves wanting to keep a record of all calls. It also comes with other basic features like sharing recordings and cloud storage.

Call Recording Functionality

If you go into Automatic Call Recorder’s settings menu, you can configure the system to record all incoming and outgoing calls. By comparison, other services like NoNotes requires you to go into the app and initiate a recording for each phone call. This makes Automatic Call Recorder a good choice for anyone who wants to save most of their phone calls.

Sharing Features

Automatic Call Recorder offers integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. So you can send your calls to a shared folder with and distribute the call with your teammates that way. You can also email recordings as .mp3 attachments. It works in a very similar fashion to Rev in this sense.

Storage Options

Like Rev, all recordings made with Automatic Call Recording are saved onto your phone’s local storage. You have the option of sending recordings to Dropbox and Google Drive, but you will still have to delete recordings manually to free up space on your phone. It would be ideal if calls were stored in the cloud automatically like with NoNotes.

Additional Features

Automatic Call Recorder is a straightforward system. In addition to capturing all conversations automatically, it also provides the ability to set rules for saved calls. For instance, you can set the system to delete recordings automatically once your inbox reaches a certain count or delete recordings at regular intervals on the calendar.

What Automatic Call Recorder Is Missing

Automatic Call Recorder is a great option for those who want to capture all of their communications. However, it does not come with any sort of reporting to help you understand how many calls you are getting, average call time, and other data. If you want to understand your call traffic better, we recommend looking into Note Call Recorder. The Android app provides visualizations of all sorts of calling metrics in addition to recording features.

What Users Think About Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recording is one of the more popular call recording apps on the Android platform. Users enjoy the features offered by the free version, even if it does have advertisements. However, a recent policy update from Google has broken some of the call log functions of the system. However, this is likely to be settled at some point in the near future via a software update.

Where to Find Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is a great fit for employees who want to track all of their incoming and outgoing calls. Features like cloud storage integration, easy sharing, and usability make the service even more effective. Click the button below to get started with Automatic Call Recorder today.

Visit Automatic Call Recorder

Note Call Recorder: Best Call Recording App With Reporting

Note Call Recorder's mobile app

Note Call Recorder’s mobile app

Note Call Recorder is a free Android call recorder app available for Android smartphones. In addition to recording all call traffic, Note Call Recorder also comes with a statistics module that tells you how many calls you have made, the length of those calls, and when those calls took place via a bar graph. This makes Note Call Recorder a good fit for business users who want to make data-driven decisions based on call reports.

Note Call Recorder Pricing

Note Call Recorder is a free solution available on the Google Play store. There is no cost for advanced features like reports and SD card saves. This is impressive as its reporting features not found in paid competitors on iOS and Android platforms.

Note Call Recorder Features

Note Call Recorder has several unique features, which is impressive considering it comes at no cost. The service visualizes your call data, and also allows you to attach notes to individual recordings for reference purposes. It also comes with the ability to sync with popular third-party cloud storage sites like many of its competitors.

Call Recording Functionality

Note Call Recorder can record calls in two different ways. Like NoNotes and Rev, you can initiate individual recordings from within the app. You can also configure the system to record all calls on your device automatically like you can with Automatic Call Recorder. However, there are enough reviews online that claim that this feature is unreliable to suggest that it is not a good fit for workers who need to capture all important calls.

Sharing Features

Note Call Recorder offers integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. It also allows you to store recording files onto an SD card if your phone supports it. This is a feature that we haven’t seen in any other recording system and could be great for those who want to store calls on a physical storage vessel.

Storage Options

Note Call Recorder allows you to sync recordings automatically to a cloud storage solution, which is rare for call recording app. Additionally, the fact that you can store recordings onto an SD card is helpful to users who want to save calls locally, but don’t want to use their phone’s onboard storage. Of course, this requires an Android phone with an SD card slot, which not all devices have.

Additional Features

Note Call Recorder provides visualizations of all your call activity. While the information provided is basic, being able to see when you make your calls and for how long they last can help provide valuable insights. For example, the app may help you realize that you do the bulk of your calling in the early afternoon, so you shouldn’t schedule in-office meetings during that time. There is also a notes app that lets you write down your thoughts about each call.

What Note Call Recorder Is Missing

Note Call Recorder is only available on Android phones. Furthermore, it comes with no transcription features. If you are an iPhone user and looking for automatic, fast transcription of your conversations, your needs will be better suited by Voice Recorder & Audio Editor. The service lets you record calls, edit the audio files, and even view automated transcriptions of your calls.

What Users Think About Note Call Recorder

Customers like Note Call Recorder and its unique features. Users say that being able to attach notes to recordings is helpful for later reference. However, there are many complaints that the service’s interface is confusing, and that automatic call recording can be unreliable.

Where to Find Note Call Recorder

Note Call Recorder is a fantastic option for Android users who want insights into their call activity on top of a powerful recording service. It is also the only service we’ve seen to date that lets you save recordings from your phone to an SD card. For more information on Note Call Recorder, click the button below.

Visit Note Call Recorder

Voice Recorder and Audio Editor's mobile app

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor’s mobile app

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is a paid recorder app available for iOS devices. The service, which costs $4.99 per month, offers cloud syncing features as well as an editor for touching up your audio files. Additionally, it also comes with computer-automated transcripts of all of your contents. We recommend Voice Recorder & Audio Editor for iPhone users that want fast, accurate text transcripts of their conversations.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor Pricing

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor offers a free version, but it only allows you to record the contents of your device’s microphone. Call recording costs $4.99 per month. For a one-time fee of $4.99, you can remove ads and access automatic transcription. This is one of the least expensive paid services available today.

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor Features

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor comes with the ability to capture, store, and play back recordings. It is also able to transcribe recordings automatically and without human intervention. That, along with some basic audio editing tools, make it a solid contender in the iOS call recorder app space.

Call Recording Functionality

Rev and NoNotes, Voice Recorder & Editor allows you to record incoming calls by initiating a group call with the recording line and the person you wish to speak with. Unfortunately, the company charges money for the call recording functionality, as Google Voice and Rev are both free systems.

Sharing Features

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor supports integration with iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and other cloud services. You can also share files via email and social media channels. Voice Recorder & Editor has the best cloud support we’ve seen to date in a call recorder app.

Storage Options

Like other services we looked at, Voice Recorder & Audio Editor allows you to store calls on both your device and the cloud. While you cannot configure rules for deleting old recordings or automatic cloud syncing, it is still nice that the app gives you flexibility over how you store your content.

Additional Features

For a one-time cost of $4.99, you can access automatic transcription of your recordings. On the one hand, automated transcriptions give you the instant text of your calls, so it’s more convenient than waiting for a human transcriber to get a document to you. It is also far less expensive to have a machine-transcribed text. On the other hand, automated transcripts are often less accurate than one done by a human. Still, it’s better than nothing and comes at a low price.

What Voice Recorder & Audio Editor Is Missing

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is a powerful, affordable recording app that is helpful to just about any business user. However, it comes at a price. Rev offers high-quality call recordings for free. Not only that, but it allows you to order human-made transcriptions of your calls right from within the app. If the accuracy of transcripts is important to you, then we suggest looking at Rev instead.

What Users Think About Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor has high reviews from customers online. Users like how easy the app is to use, and they find the service to be reliable. However, there are some complaints about the app crashing.

Where to Find Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

If you are looking for an iOS call recorder app with automatic transcription, then Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is the right choice for you. This service is easy to use, comes with plenty of cloud storage connectors, and delivers fast, reliable machine-assisted transcripts. Click the button below to get started today.

Visit Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Bottom Line

Call recorder apps are an extraordinarily useful tool when it comes to capturing your most important business conversations. They also provide a valuable toolset for listening to those calls and sharing them amongst coworkers.

We recommend Rev as the best choice for most small business users. It is free, available on both major platforms, and extremely easy to use. The fact that you can order transcripts from within the app makes it even more beneficial for employees. Click the button below to learn more about Rev.

Visit Rev

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