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GameGuru Lets None-Coders Create Glorious Video Games and It…

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Whether you’re playing video games on a PC, a mobile device or a console, the important point is that you’re playing. That’s music to the ears of an industry that’s one of the few reaping huge benefits from the state of the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether it’s video game powerhouse platform Steam smashing its previous peak user records in March or the explosion of esports during the world’s quarantine period, the appetite for gaming is only growing more ravenous. And that’s after generating over $120 billion in revenue last year.

If you’ve got an awesome game idea, this is the time to strike — and you don’t even have to be a coder anymore either. In fact, the training in The Complete GameGuru Bundle ($29.99, 85 percent off) offers all the background and even many of the assets themselves to help you create a truly memorable video game experience that’s uniquely yours.

Over seven years after its launch, GameGuru has become one of the premier platforms for game creation that doesn’t require a vast knowledge of programming and game design. In the GameGuru: Game Making for Everyone course, you’ll get firsthand experience working with GameGuru, where creators can make their own multiplayer game in literally a matter of minutes, including hosting and the ability to share that game online with other GameGuru users.