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Top 10 Robots and Technologies from China…

TOP 10 robots and technologies from China: the latest developments and technologies of the future. Chinese robots and top 10 technologies.

Boston Dynamics refused to sell Spot robots to Chinese companies. And not without reason. Chinese industry copies, reproduces, develops and markets everything that is in demand, including inventions of the future. And if we’re predicted to have robots in the near future, rest assured it will be robots from China and technology from China. So, the top 10 Chinese robotics companies and their most incredible robots.

1. Chinese AI Nemo team and its home robots and voice assistants.
2. AUBO industrial robots: https://aubo-robotics.com/.
3. Borns Robotics medical robots.
4. The newest robots for logistics Geek +: https://www.geekplusrobotics.com/.
5. Cool robots for education Makeblock: https://www.makeblock.com/.
6. Rokid’s incredible inventions and smart technologies: https://www.rokid.com/en/.
7. The coolest UBTECH robots: https://www.ubtrobot.com/.
8. Underwater Drones Youcan Robotics: http://www.youcanrobot.com/.
9. Underwater drones for professional shooting under water CHASING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wbz05…
10. Incredible drones and quads with a DJI camera.

Useful inventions, smart inventions, world-changing inventions and the coolest robots 2020.

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